13 December 2017

Town Council Meeting Attendance Failure

Past warnings from several local residents about the long-term failure to maintain twelve councillors on New Mills town council came true on Monday:  there were not enough councillors present to hold the latest town council meeting.

The number of seats on New Mills Town Council  is twelve.  There are currently nine members, with three vacancies waiting to be filled.

The number of councillors needed for a New Mills Town Council meeting to be quorate is four.

The 11 December 2017 council meeting saw six councilors fail to answer the duly-issued summons to the meeting.

The three councillors who heeded the summons were Atkins, Ray;  Bate, Barry;  Harman, Rebecca.

The six no-shows were  Allen, Lynne;  Ashton,Tony;  Dowson, Lance;  Lamb, Claire;  Tyldesley, Joyce;  Whewell, Sean.

Here is what The Good Councillor Guide (4th Edition) says about attendance at council meetings:

As a councillor you have a responsibility to attend meetings when summoned to do so; the notice to attend a council meeting is, in law, a summons, because you have a duty to attend.

Upcoming Training For Town and Parish Councillors

A serving New Mills councillor has kindly forwarded the following interesting comminication that has been sent out by High Peak Borough Council to all town and parish council clerks in the High Peak area.

In the light of events at New Mills town hall in recent years it will be most interesting to see which  councillors attend:

"Subject: Code of Conduct Refresher Training - 27 February 2018

To:  All Parish Clerks

There is to be a Code of Conduct Refresher Training session on Tuesday 27 February 2018 at 6 pm in the cafĂ© area, Pavilion Gardens, Buxton.  The session should last for a maximum of two hours.

This session is open to all Borough and Parish Councillors, and is recommended as essential training for all members.

Please would you circulate details of this session to all your Parish Councillors and confirm who is able to attend in advance of the session.

Regards etc..."


Reaction of some people who have just heard about the failure of attempted secret ballots in New Mills council chamber