27 October 2013

More Company News

The power of transparency.

The reason that the present government and various international organisations try to promote transparency is because it acts like a powerful disinfectant in public life.

People can only get away with wrong-doing when it is out of sight.

When their activities are exposed to public view, it frightens the wrong-doers and can cause changes in their behaviour (if not their underlying character).

Alistair Stevens is a LibDem councillor in New Mills and Estate Agent in Royton, near Oldham. He is the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the High Peak constituency. His wife is Susan Stevens, the dishonest - and now sacked - former town clerk in New Mills in the High Peak.

Companies House records show that the oldest offspring of Susan and Alistair Stevens - Jamie Stevens - registered a limited company with a very specific, particular name.  This was done in a malicious attempt to cause difficulties for the HR consultant who was brought in by the council to help clean up the town hall.

See previous High Peak Transparency articles Dirty Tricks and A Cuckoo Company for all the unedifying, unpleasant details.

At least some of the Stevens family of New Mills read High Peak Transparency.  So when their dirty tricks were exposed regarding the false business, new documents were immediately sent in to Companies House.

Jamie Stevens, who still has his life ahead of him and whose career prospects as a primary school teacher were harmed by the material false statement that he made on an official Companies House document, resigned as the director of the false business.

If this was any kind of genuine company, why would Jamie Stevens suddenly resign?

Alistair Stevens, serial lawbreaker inside the New Mills town hall, appointed himself as new director of Tall Poppies Consultants Ltd.  This is the fake business that was maliciously registered by the Stevens family of New Mills, purely for the purpose of causing difficulties for another, genuine business: the business of the HR consultant who was brought in to advise the town council in its campaign to clean-up the town hall.

Regarding the criminal activities and mentality of New Mills councillor and Oldham estate agent Alistair Stevens, see previous HPT article Behind Closed Doors.

The date on the earliest of the new forms sent in to Companies House, urgently notifying them of Jamie Stevens' resignation from the false business, and Alistair Stevens appointing himself to the false business, is 30 September 2013.

The date of the High Peak Transparency article exposing the Stevens family's dirty tricks campaign at Companies House was 28 September 2013.


"The date on the forms... Jamie Stevens' resignation from the false business, and Alistair Stevens appointing himself to the false business..."

False business.  Not any kind of a real business.  Are these people living in a fantasy world or what? 


The HR company that is genuinely associated with Ms Nicki Williams is Tall Poppies Consultants Learning Training Development Limited.  Company number 8712571. 

21 October 2013

Town Clerk Sacked - Police Called In At Town Hall

New Mills town hall
Today was the most dramatic day in High Peak local government for a long time.

You wait ages for an important story to come along, then two arrive on the same day.

We've had a few comments and emails - not from councillors or their advisers - telling us that the rumour in New Mills is that the town clerk has been sacked.

Town councillors and the town council's HR consultants refuse to confirm what has happened.  We have been told that an announcement regarding the town clerk of New Mills will be made after the council's Finance and Personnel committee meeting, which will take place next week.

However, by late Monday afternoon several different people in the town clearly already have the news, and it is clear that at least some town council staff have been told.

We can therefore exclusively reveal that the dishonest town clerk of New Mills - Mrs Susan Stevens - has been sacked with immediate effect.

The reason we are able to describe the now former town clerk as dishonest is because when a local Labour Party councillor asked her explicitly to lie to the other members of the town council, she willingly - and deliberately - did so.  A copy of the relevant documentary proof of this is in the possession of High Peak Transparency.

If Mrs Stevens considers consulting lawyers to complain about the above statement, which is factual, then this time she will not find it so easy to make personal use of the town council's credit account with a local solicitors.

Subject to any employment appeal process, the dishonest town clerk's dismissal marks the successful conclusion of a long campaign to clean up the town hall in New Mills, and end the culture of corruption and casual criminality that has existed inside that building since the summer of 2002.

In due course, congratulations will be due to the good and courageous town councillors who persisted in this clean-up campaign, sometimes against strong opposition from bad councillors.

The bad councillors who were opposed to doing the right thing fell by the wayside one by one, but not before putting all kinds of obstructions and problems in the way of the good councillors who require honesty and transparency at the town hall.

The dishonest town clerk's final protector on the New Mills town council was Cllr Alistair Stevens - her husband.

But there's more.

The police have been called in.  Unless it's a complete co-incidence that the town clerk investigation and disciplinary process ended and a marked police car was virtually immediately seen outside the town hall.

Until today, it had been some months since a marked police car was last seen parked up outside the town hall. This time however, the police car wasn't driven by the local uniformed police officer who used to regularly call there during working hours to see his friend Mrs Susan Stevens.

Developments on the criminal investigations inside the town hall will be reported as soon as we are able. Unfortunately there will be restrictions outside our control on the timing of what can be reported.

18 October 2013

Local history being made, before your very eyes

The town of New Mills in the High Peak, Derbyshire.

In the town hall there, the time that dishonesty and corruption set in was the summer of 2002.

Mrs Susan Stevens was handed the official position of town clerk 'on the nod' in the town hall at that time by a couple of Labour Party councillors.  Her first council meeting as the new - but wholly unqualified - town clerk took place on 5 August 2002.

The above way of making such a public appointment was then, and is now, totally against the law.

Any appointment of such importance to a town has to be publicly advertised.  There are laws that govern public appointments and the advertisements that are necessary.  These laws were flouted by the local Labour Party councillors.

The above was the first but not the last time that serious criminal laws were broken inside the town hall in New Mills.

Mind you, this was New Labour time.  We know what Labour's Mr Tony Blair thought of the law: it's for the little people.  Members of the local Labour Party had taken control of this town hall.

In the intervening years, town council elections came and town council elections went.

By the early summer of 2013, some of the honest town councillors in New Mills decided that they finally had enough of all the dishonesty and wrong-doing.

A thorough clean-up of the town hall was initiated, then it gradually gathered pace, and now we are nearly at the conclusion.  This long overdue clean-up met stiff resistance from some of the other town councillors.

The people of the town of New Mills will shortly be able to judge whether this very important clean-up campaign has been a complete success.

As part of the fall-out from the extensive clean-up campaign in the New Mills town hall, some of the town councillors have resigned from office. One of them was dishonest Ian Huddlestone.

Dishonest Ian Huddlestone resigned in disgrace from the town council, but he is still on High Peak Borough Council.  For details of this see previous articles on High Peak Transparency.

The 2012-13 Borough accounts show that dishonest Ian Huddlestone took around £8,000 of public money by way of allowances etc from High Peak Borough Council as a member of the local Labour group there.

Dishonest Ian Huddlestone is one of the councillors who made the unlawful appointment in the New Mills town hall in the summer of 2002.

The whole inside story of how the New Mills town council sank from being an upstanding organisation in a proud town, into corruption and dishonesty which became a hard-to-shift culture requiring a formal campaign by good people to clean it up, will be told on High Peak Transparency in a series of articles over the next few weeks.

This recent town hall crisis, and its ultimate sorting-out with very dramatic consequences, is an important part of the long local history of the town of New Mills.


It is the taxpayers and the public that pay for all of the town council's activities.

We do not know the outcome of the recent staff disciplinary procedure concerning Mrs Susan Stevens. The sooner that New Mills town council formally publishes the fact of whether that person is still the town clerk the better.

05 October 2013

Attempts to distract the public

Isn't the English language a wonderful thing?

It has a rich variety, and has spread around the world as a modern lingua franca between cultures wherever humanity has made its home.

Figures of speech

‘You are pulling my leg’.  Is a person’s lower limb actually being pulled upon? Tugged at by another person, not necessarily an embarrassing uncle, in a direction away from the torso?

‘I have butterflies in my stomach’.  Flying insects, sporting wings of brightly coloured patterns, occupying a person’s stomach, no doubt interfering with their digestion. Not bees or moths.

‘That is a red herring’. No, it isn’t a well-smoked, coloured kipper.  It’s not even a bloater, nor any kind of cured and coloured fish.  Bloater.  Lovers of English will always have a list of favourite words.  Candidate word: Bloater

Red herring

‘Red herring’ is a figure of speech with two main meanings:

In a story, it’s a device to deliberately mislead the audience away from the true perpetrator. The truth is then a surprising revelation at the denouement. In The Da Vinci Code, the name of character Bishop Aringarosa is a rough translation of the Italian for “red herring”.

In other areas of life, particularly politics, when somebody tries to divert attention away from a main issue or important story they are said to be using a ‘red herring’.

Some recent public comments at the bottom of High Peak Transparency articles appear to be trying on this diversionary tactic.

The real story

The real story here is long-standing corruption and criminal activities that have been going on inside the town hall of New Mills.  All aspects of this are now being thoroughly investigated by some good councillors and their advisers.

To judge the extent of the investigation and its success so far, one only has to note that - to date - there have recently been three resignations from the council and two suspensions of town hall staff. A fourth councillor resigned earlier.

A comprehensive, detailed report giving the whole story will be published on High Peak Transparency when the case is concluded.

Price and value

Regarding the costs of the investigation, this has also been the subject of public comment to this site.

The costs of this can only be established at the end.  Suffice to say for the moment that price and value are not the same thing.  For the town of New Mills in the High Peak to finally get an honest and transparently-run town hall - at long last - would be worth a considerable amount. That is the avowed goal of this project.

Diversionary tactic

The red herring here, in an attempt by some individuals to distract from the very serious matters above, is that comments have come in to this site trying to say that Tall Poppies Consultants is or isn't a limited company.

Tall Poppies Consultants has been advising the New Mills town council on HR best practice.  HR stands for 'human resources'; this is the modern name for personnel and staff issues.  The contract is not open-ended.  It is for a fixed length of time and for a definite purpose.

Then, in a shameful stunt, intended deliberately to disrupt progress, a member of the Stevens family of New Mills (Jamie Stevens) formed a new limited company using the name Tall Poppies Consultants Ltd. See previous articles on High Peak Transparency for the dismal details.

Any attempted justifications for this ‘cuckoo company’ stunt can only be set out by the Stevens family.

Susan Stevens is the town clerk of New Mills.  Mrs Stevens is currently suspended from work during the disciplinary process.

Alistair Stevens is a town councillor in New Mills, and Parliamentary candidate for this constituency, who breaks the criminal law of this country on a regular basis.  He does this by taking part in town council meetings where matters concerning the town clerk - his wife, her pay and their finances and pension - are being discussed.

See previous articles for full details of the criminal offences committed

04 October 2013

Statement by DALC concerning recent events at New Mills Town Council

Following comments posted in the 'Public Comments' section at the bottom of the articles on this site, DALC has been in touch and asked for a clarification to be published regarding their relationship with various other organisations.

'DALC' stands for Derbyshire Association of Local Councils.  It provides a general resource of advice for town and parish councils when they need specialist assistance on any particular matter. Town and parish councils pay an annual membership fee to be part of the association.

DALC also provides training to member councils.

Here is DALC's statement on this subject:

"Tall Poppies have been contracted by DALC, for a specified period as with all its contractors, to provide a FREE resource to its member parish and town councils seeking initial advice and guidance concerning basic human resources issues.

Councils are under no obligation to ask for or receive this free help.  Tall Poppies advised New Mills Town Council as part of this service.

NMTC then decided to employ, from their own funds, an HR specialist.  Tall Poppies was one of three companies that they approached to tender for the tasks they had in mind.

DALC in no way recommended Tall Poppies as against other providers, as DALC's remit is to provide information on service providers available, rather like using yellow pages, but never to recommend any one provider.

Who any council chooses to deliver a service is always, and must remain, entirely the decision and choice of the council concerned."