25 October 2012

Council Stops Horse Riders Using Privately-Owned Property

Some time ago a claim was made for a bridleway in New Mills, High Peak.  The proposed route was between Sett Valley Trail and Hyde Bank Road.

The company that owns the property concerned is pro-horse riders and pro horses.  One of the company's principals is a member of the British Horse Society.

The claim for the bridleway was made by Susan Stevens, of the town hall in New Mills.

The claim has now been determined by Derbyshire County Council.  The result is that a public footpath - NOT a bridleway - order has been made, and will be added to the relevant definitive map held by the County Council.

Horses are not permitted to use public footpaths.

So this interference in privately-owned land by two councils - New Mills Town Council and Derbyshire County Council - has resulted in the exact opposite of what was intended.  The route will be closed to horses and horse-riders, because of the activities of unwelcome busybodies.

The Derbyshire County Council committee that made the decision met on 22 October 2012.