29 December 2011

Peace In Our Time. And Bins Collected As Well

We can all finally sleep safely in our beds.  Some High Peak Borough councillors have won a vote in favour of world peace.

At Chapel-en-le-Frith town hall, Cllrs Bob Mckeown and Graham Oakley tried to persuade councillors that war is bad.

Their grasp of physics was very poor however.  Cllr Oakley told the assembled councillors that he was born in the 1950s and could 'recall heightened tension - when a loud bang would go off in the neighbourhood.  We'd gaze anxiously in the direction of Manchester looking for a mushroom cloud.'

The reality of a distant nuclear bomb explosion is that the sudden flash of light brighter than the sun reaches you far quicker than any sound waves.  So any worrying bangs in the youthful Cllr Oakley's neighbourhood had some other cause.

'World Peace' was defined in rather a strange way.  It is abolition of nuclear weapons that causes world peace, according to the the promoters of this motion.  By that logic, there have been no wars in mankind's history up to 1944, and then there's been no end of nuclear wars since the atom bomb was created in 1945. 

Common sense at the meeting was in vain however.  Conservative Cllr John Haken's wacky, wild, off the wall suggestion - that the Council's priorities should be to ensure that residents' bins are emptied on time, planning matters should be handled efficiently, the streets should be properly cleaned etc etc - failed at the vote.

High Peak Borough Council's motion calling for no nuclear weapons - and certainly none in Chapel-en-le-Frith - was carried by 24 to 14, with 2 abstentions.

01 December 2011

Andy and Dave, Part Two!

For the second week in succession, our MP attracted the attention in parliament of either Conservative party managers or the Speaker.  This week's perfectly proper and correct question to the Prime Minister, asked on 30 November:

Andrew Bingham MP:
The Prime Minister will know that I recently held a small businesses event in my constituency, and many of the businesses that attended complained bitterly about the red tape and bureaucracy that they have to jump through to deal with public bodies. What message can he send to these businesses, as we look to them to help rebuild the economy, about getting rid of some of this obstructive bureaucratic nonsense?

The Prime Minister:
My hon. Friend is absolutely right to raise this subject. It is why we have introduced the red tape challenge, so that all these rules are published on line and businesses and individuals can tell us which ones can be scrapped without harming public safety. At the same time, we have the one-in, one-out rule so that Ministers cannot introduce a new regulation until they have scrapped an existing one. This Government are determined to scrap unnecessary regulation and to help small businesses to employ more people in our country.

Andrew Bingham and David Cameron have their work cut out: the last Labour government put in thirteen years of pointless interference and needlessly adding to the red tape burden and costs on families and business.

During that time the European Union (Hang on, when did we say we wanted to be in a Union rather than a community?) also issued Directive after pointless Directive to the people of this country.

it's not possible to clean all that up in a short time.