25 November 2011

Andy and Dave

Prime Minister's Questions provided a sign of Andrew Bingham's current rising star status in Parliament.

This week, the honour of asking the question that always kicks off proceedings fell to Mr Bingham.

For nonsensical ancient reasons, the first question from an MP is always required to be 'Will the Prime Minister list his official engagements for the day?'

After the Prime Minister has wasted time reading out a bland listing that has already been published , the tradition is that the MP then gets to ask a 'supplementary question'.  It is this supplementary question that is the real one.

In this case, the question was urgent and topical, about local government workers going on strike at a time of high unemployment elsewhere in the economy and when only a small minority had voted in the pre-strike ballot.

"I think my honourable friend makes a very important point," said Dave, the Prime Minister.

Of course you do.  That's why your party managers planted the question!