05 October 2010

Councillors' thumbs down to new games area for youngsters

A new multi-use games area for young people has been worked on in New Mills.

Grass-roots community group Ollersett United Community Hub and the local County Councillor obtained the finance and put all the hard work in, on behalf of the youngsters.

The ideal location for the games area (one is pictured above) is Ollersett fields.

It is a very interesting fact that Ollersett fields was owned for many years by High Peak Borough Council.  This large and valuable area of land was recently transferred into the name of New Mills Town council.

No money was paid to High Peak Borough Council for this extensive public asset.

The decision about the new games area was put before New Mills town council on Monday 2 August 2010.  The councillors who voted down the new multi-use games facility for the youngsters of New Mills on that date are as follows:

ASHTON, Anthony.  Conservative

CARTER, Janet.  Liberal Democrat

DOWSON, Lancelot.  Independent

GADD, Jacqui.  Conservative

GADD, Mark.  Conservative

HANNELL, Chantal.  Liberal Democrat

The following are the members who voted for the youngsters of the town to have the new facility:

ATKINS, Ray.  Liberal Democrat

BODY, Hazel.  Green Party

HAWLEY, Huggy.  Liberal Democrat

JENNINGS, Glynn.  Liberal Democrat

There were two council members who were not present during the relevant part of the meeting:

ATKINS, Beth.  Liberal Democrat.  Cllr Beth Atkins is also County Councillor and had put a lot of work in to get all the financing in place etc.  She was and is strongly in support of the new games area but felt she would be liable to accusations of a 'conflict of interest' under the current rules governing council meetings so was unable to vote on it.

STEVENS, Alistair.  Liberal Democrat.  On holiday.