15 October 2009

MP Fails Transparency Test In Questions Over Public Money

High Peak's MP, Tom Levitt, seems determined to help his local political opponents in every conceivable way possible.

In the latest episode in the expenses scandal, Mr Levitt has received a letter from the independent auditor - appointed by Mr Levitt's own government please note - and has now refused to release a copy to the press.

It is obvious that, if the auditor's letter exonerated the MP, it would have been released in an instant.

Irony Corner:

Tom Levitt MP has stated that he supports the organisation Transparency International.

The link to Mr Levitt's press release on this issue:
The link to one of High Peak Transparency's earlier articles on this subject:

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  1. I would have thought bthat by now, this so called goverment, who are supposed to look at the way our taxes are spent, would have at least brought in some restrictions on these rogue MP's who squander our money on expensive gifts for themselves, lets face it £20 for a hair dryer (Levits Bald) over £20 for 4 glasses and the list go's on, they should be capped that no more money is spent in the last 6 months leading up to a general election, at least it will be good riddance to him, and hopefully the next one will be looked at with a microscope, before they get into the habit of ripping of the public