22 October 2009

Melvyn or Charles?

22 October 2009 was a quite interesting day for the many people around here who like to argue about the weather and a possible climate.

Melvyn Bragg, presenting BBC Radio 4's excellent programme In Our Time was led through the history of the British Isles and the ups and downs of the climate. The period covered was 600 million years, stretching to just over 1 billion years when one or two of the guest scientists became over excited.

Melvyn learned, and through him the listeners, that the British Isles area has been a baking desert and under about a kilometre of ice. This has happened on a regular basis.

When Transparency's editor told his friend Craig in the 1990s, a physicist who works at CERN, that this global warming thing was disastrous, Craig pointed out that when he was about to leave Manchester Central Grammar School to go to university, in 1970, the same scientists and meteorologists were confidently predicting the new ice age.

A bit of research dug out the two Time magazine covers from the relevant periods, reproduced below.

Charles Jolly and his friends, of Transisition Buxton, are in no doubt. Charles said as much in today's local paper. Man is heating up the planet. People who point out inconvenient facts are no different from holocaust deniers. Shamefully, even the same word - denier - is used.

Perhaps Melvyn and Charles can both agree that, while the earth's human population continues to grow so rapidly and exponentially, any suggested 'climate change remedy' is neither use nor ornament.

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