04 October 2009

Let's Pretend That It's A Village Green

High Peak Borough Council has gone on record complaining about the effect of current state-sponsored 'land grabs' in England.

These are where the council or some individual owns a property, but somebody makes a spurious claim that the land is a 'town or village green'.

The land owner is, in effect, deprived of his or her property. No compensation is paid. There is no opportunity for reasonable negotiation, or indeed any negotiation.

The governmment has supported this dishonest - not to mention completely mad - land-grab legislation for England. They allowed the law in this important area to be written, in effect, by lobbyists from the so-called Open Spaces Society, which has a very narrow vested interest.

Scotland has a more logical, sensible legal system in this respect and the 'let's pretend that somebody's property is a village green' scam by middle-class nimbys, as a device to prevent development near to where they live, is impossible north of the border.

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