23 October 2009

The Fool On The Natural England Hill

'Natural England' recently gave £12,000 to a local farmer for not building a wall.

The 'Rural Payments Agency' became involved. 'Environmental Stewardship Scheme' money had been sent out willy-nilly in connection with something to do with a wall, in a place governed by the 'Peak District National Park Authority'.

No-one had looked to see if the wall had been repaired, or even still existed, before sending out the money.

There was originally a 'Countryside Commission', which changed its name to 'The Countryside Agency', which joined up with 'English Nature', subsequently becoming 'Natural England', and sponsored by the 'Department for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs'.

The thing that all of these unnecessary, superfluous overlapping 'countryside' bureaucratic bodies and quangos have in common is the sheer profligate waste of other people's hard-earned money.


  1. We run a dairy farm in the High Peak so unfortunately have to deal regularly with the time wasting 'fools' at Defra and Natural England. Some interesting figures from the National Farmers Union this week show Defra spend an average of £1743 a year to process a farmers SFP claim. (SFP is a yearly grant paid out by the EU which has replaced all the old subsidy schemes) This compares to £285 per claim in Scotland where they use a much simpler and well thought out system.
    In England the best part is that well over 10,000 such payments are made each year to small farmers/hobby farmers who receive a cheque with a value far below the cost of processing the claim. I think the main remit for Defra and Natural England must be nothing to do with managing the landscape and supporting the agricultural sector, but simply to waste as much of our money as physically possible. The NFU says the National Audit Office has just released its third report into Defra confirming this.

  2. Why is it, that when I see someone fro Natural England on TV, they always seem to have an Irish accent, are they trying to get back at us for the "troubles" in Ulster?