01 October 2009


Ex-mayor Lancelot Edgar Dowson has been busy lately.

Transparency offers a free translation service. This is so that pronouncements of some of our local politicians may be rendered into plain English.

A letter he wrote to the Buxton Advertiser, published on 1 October 2009, contains the usual strange venting of personal spleen against all things LibDem. Cllr Dowson's original statements - verbatim - are in italic, with the translations following in plain text:

'I was very surprised at the absolute silence that my proposal caused and the lack of support that it received'

Most councillors didn't like it

'Cllr Beth Atkins, New Mill's (sic) Liberal Democrat Town and County Cllr, then proposed that the Council vote for her fellow Liberal Democrat, Cllr David Lomax of Whaley Bridge, and this was voted on and, with all the other Liberal Democrats voting in favour of it, was passed.

Democracy worked.

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  1. Edgar must remember that Mark Gadd is not representive of the ward which is supposed to represent, having turned his coat after hard work by other councillors to get him voted in alongside his cheque waving wife. They haven't had the guts to allow the voters to give judgement of them in their new colours. Lets face it, poor Mrs Longdon worked hard and was well known in this ward, but only managed less than half the votes of the overall voters choice. We have only another 18 months to put up with him.