23 June 2009

Save The Planet - Hours Of Daylight Only Please

The fairly nice nutters over at New Mills Hydro power have run into a problem.

Currently - no pun intended - no electricity is being generated at night. They've stopped it because a complaint was sent to High Peak Borough Council from a member of the public. The complaint is 'noise-related'.

Another ridiculous halt to the green electricity is when the river is at its usual summer levels. During those periods, the so-called Environment Agency has made it a requirement that the water goes over the weir and therefore run to waste, rather than passing through the channel where it generates green energy.

So for significant parts of the day and the year, for completely irrational reasons, the Goyt riverside generating plant is made idle. Environmentally free power is lost forever. Not only is the thing a blot on the landscape, it is now an extremely inefficient one.
At the moment, all concerned have ended up with the worst of both worlds.


  1. its ruined a brilliant spot to stop with the kids and dog and the recent makeover is nothing short of disgusting