23 June 2009

Rest In Peace

This site is published in England.
If any citizen of this country wants to level criticism at the things local politicians get up to, or call our Prime Minister a big fat fraud, or point out that the government has become a bunch of incompetent spongers who couldn't run a bath, then it is our hard-won birthright that we are free to do so. The colours of any particular party or politician who is being commented upon are irrelevant.

The above is a picture in life of Neda Agha Soltan (16), one of the innocent young people shot dead on Saturday by pro-government forces in Tehran.

Thanks to the massive new phenomenon of citizen journalism, the video of the moments of her death on a street in Iran is now available on YouTube. Key in 'Neda'.

The more worldwide hits these videos attract, the more the chances of freedom, and free speech, for the future young citizens of Iran increase.
Note: this real life death scene is so graphic that YouTube requires you to be over 18 to see it.

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