04 June 2009

Notional Burglars Face Notional Crackdown

The double-speak of those in power has scaled new heights.

The latest example is the introduction of the concept of 'notionality' to avoid the politically inconvenient word 'capping' where public services are concerned.

In May, Local Government Minister John Healey imposed what he called a notional budget cut on Derbyshire Police.
The 'notional' cut from Whitehall is £1.6 million and in real life this will be used to cap what Derbyshire Police can spend to protect the community. Mr Healey did not seem to notice that serving police officers are not notional.

The government did not reveal there was any spending cap - sorry, 'notional budget adjustment' - until after the Police Authority and Chief Constable Mick Creedon had gone through all the work of setting the budget.

The Man from the Ministry did not indicate whether the citizens of High Peak who suffer the cuts are notional or real.

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