12 June 2009

Mayorzilla returns - Chairzilla!

Cllr Robin Baldry (right) has been anointed as Chairman of Derbyshire County Council and should be confirmed on 17 June.

Cllr George Wharmby, also in the picture, is to be vice-chairman. This completes the new er, 'heavyweight' line-up.

In the event High Peak Transparency gets complaints of weight-ism, size-ism, or just the usual ism-ism in general, please note the further past the date of posting (12 June 2009) you are reading this, the more it shows that local politicians have not all had that rumoured sense of humour by-pass.

Mayor trivia enthusiasts: for one of the best mayoral photographs ever taken anywhere, see:


  1. I was hoping that with majozilla going to Matlock, we would have seen less of him in the tory local spreadsheet ( Bux Ad ), but no he's all over it like a bad rash

  2. Steve Mac (Editor)9 July 2009 at 10:47

    Give over! Cllr Robin is all right. I bet he misses that Harley-Davidson though (see 'Mayorzilla Departs' article)