06 June 2009

The Right Honourable James Purnell, MP

The real, private, views of several local MPs on one important subject have not been published.

The topic is whether Prime Minister Gordon Brown is an asset or a downright hazard to their chances of holding on to their seats at the general election.

Four local Labour MPs are shown in the photograph (top left) that was concocted, sorry given out to factual news outlets, in September 2007. The image depicts them standing in front of construction works at Tameside Hospital.

The connection between all these photographs, each of which contains the image of James Purnell MP, is that James Purnell MP wasn't there on any of the occasions.

All four MPs knew that fact in respect of the Tameside Hospital image. It didn't stop them taking part in this casually arrogant deception of the public.

As well as Mr Purnell, the other local MPs are David Hayes (Labour), Andrew Gwynne (Labour), and Tom Levitt (Labour).
The Labour Party winning the next election? It's not revealing any political secrets to say that we've entered 'snowball in hell' territory with this one.

The odd one out, in respect of letting their views known about the Prime Minister, is Mr Purnell. After giving a refreshingly frank assessment, he then resigned from the government in a rare display - for a politician of any party - of courage and honesty.

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