26 June 2009

It's Oh So Quiet

There isn't anything funny to say about the island nation of Iceland and High Peak Borough Council.

Small, inward-looking, populated by strange people. And Iceland's just as bad.

Anyway, the Audit Commission's report on local authorities and this major financial scandal has just been published. £2 million of taxpayers' money was sent from our local Borough Council over to the land of Bjork then lost in space - basically at the push of a button.

Our three main neighbouring authorities are Derbyshire County Council, Staffordshire Moorlands, and Tameside. The grand total of these councils' financial exposure to Icelandic banks is respectively zero, and er... zero. Oh, and zero.

The new Audit Commission report on this scandal, 'Risk and Return', is available here:


  1. As a resident in the High Peak for nearly a decade now, I'm so happy to have found this blog.

    "Small, inward-looking, populated by strange people." So true!

  2. Thank you for your positive comment - the site is gaining quite a following. Could I directly ask all people who find the site interesting, entertaining, funny or disgraceful to let us know. Also, pass on the site address to your friends/ relatives/ enemies/ spiritual companions/ pet minders. And Lucy Lawless if you know her. Thanks in anticipation from Steve Mac (Editor). PS: sorry it isn't updated a lot more often -3D real life also has to be attended to.