12 June 2009

Fear and Loathing in New Mills

Lynne Cardwell (above, right) is a Labour activist. She is one of the more prominent victims of Labour Party mis-management in the area.

Tom Levitt MP, in his Buxton Advertiser column (11 June), speaks about Lynne. He unconsciously revealed how decent, hard-working Labour supporters like Lynne have been badly let down.

In New Mills a corrupt, dishonest Labour administration was in the town hall for years. A few factual examples from their track record in this respect:

- their electoral fraud, after the town referendum was called over the courthouse and they stopped it from taking place;

- they defrauded a High Peak resident by engineering a spurious claim that his property was a 'village green';

- for years they had a local postman bragging in the press and elsewhere that he was 'Leader of the Town Council', even though no such public office exists nor has ever existed;

- they mindlessly opposed and obstructed beneficial developments put forward by ordinary people outside their clique, meanwhile hypocritically pushing their pet scheme, Sir Martin Doughty's grandiose courthouse development, as far as it would go;
- they flouted planning legislation by organising a garish modern 'youth shelter' to go up in the grounds of a listed building, in a conservation area, and in green belt - but all with no planning permission being applied for;
- they promoted the dismal act of trespassing as something to be 'celebrated';
... and so on and so on.

The list in New Mills is surprisingly long, considering just how small the town is.
Oblivious to all the damage caused by their own politicians running the town hall, when pronouncing upon the recent election results Labour's Tom Levitt MP dismissively claims that 'Lynne Cardwell... lost to a second rate sitting councillor'.

As the above list shows, the prominent local Labour politicians in fact treated the public with utter contempt. This corrupt, dishonest behaviour has now been definitively pronounced upon by the local people whose trust they abused for so long.

Firstly, Labour managed barely half the votes of the elected Liberal Democrat councillor that Mr Levitt refers to (2009).
Secondly, in the popular vote for the last town council elections (2007), from a position of complete control Labour were beaten 12-0. They were lucky to get nil.


  1. "This site is not aligned to any party. It covers local politics, but is not party-political"


    From the looks of it you hate Labour and the Tories. Are we a Lib Dem supporter by any chance?

  2. Editor's reply to 'Anon' comment of 13 June 18:01:

    The statement "This site is not aligned to any party... (etc)" is true. The editor of the site supports no party, but does support good governance wherever it may be found - and the absolutely critical role that transparency plays in achieving that. All readers are invited to submit brief articles, so long as they are factually accurate. If you scrutinise the site, you will find positive references to Labour and Conservative individuals and policies - see the bottom of James Purnell (Labour) article for a recent example.

  3. Double check your stories,although well put together script falls short of the truth!!
    From non-labour supporter of local postmen and trepassing!!

  4. Editor's reply to 'Anon' comment on 13 June 22:41:

    Thanks for the compliment re 'well put together'. If you can identify any error on this site then email the specific details, along with any documentary material where applicable, to wilsondeanvgps@btconnect.com

    Re your specific points:
    a) All articles are very carefully checked;
    b) It's not a 1932 walk on the hill past Hayfield that's an issue, it's the subsequent ridiculous myth-making and appropriation of 'glory' by those who had nothing whatsoever to do with it;
    c) A local postman should be that, and not lie or defraud or cheat ordinary people, as the individual referred to has done. He has brought shame on the Labour Party with his antics and his proven personal dishonesty.

  5. perhaps the labour party should have looked carefully at their candidate and their supporters, who came out in force before the election, and have now gone back to where they came from, in a town like new mills its hard to keep any form of secret

  6. It seems that Ms Cardwell, after trying to use one of the schools to promote herself by becoming a govener, has now resigned from that post, she also decided to promote herself by joining various committees within the town, but since the election defeat has not been seen.