05 June 2009

Fall of Rotten Council

Friends of democracy have cause to cheer this evening, with news of the fall of the Labour gang that has been running Derbyshire County Council since 1981.

1981 - how long ago that is. Adam Ant and his luxuriant head of hair ruled the charts, Charles and Di were happy newlyweds, coal miners had jobs for life, Sierra and Metro were radical cutting-edge car designs, and bus routes and trains were organised in a generally rational way.

Now, for the first time in 28 years, the Lubianka-like County Hall building is home to a new administration. Hopefully, proper open, honest and accountable governance may gradually start to appear.

The self-serving and extensive 'jobs for the boys' culture may now be curtailed in this new period. There is no way it can be as bad in the future as it was under the rotten tenures of long term political leaders Doughty and Bookbinder.

The fraternal trips to North Korea, the disastrous court case against Times Newspapers, the closing of a vital link road being trumpeted as a 'claim to fame', the pension scandal, the banning of the most popular weekly Education Supplement from appearing in Council-run libaries, the Black Sea resort acquisition to enable holidays for selectively chosen council apparatchiks... these and many more adventures all unwittingly paid for by the ratepayers of Derbyshire.

For once, the description Hard Labour is an accurate protrayal, as set out by the local Liberal Democrats and Conservatives. Twenty eight years? You often don't get that for murder these days.

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