11 June 2009

'That money was just resting in my account' - Father Ted

Lancelot Edgar Dowson is a former Labour mayor of High Peak and Labour Party councillor. At the time of writing, he is a town councillor in New Mills.

Since 2007 Cllr Dowson has professed 'independence' as a politician. However, he was seen delivering party leaflets in the recent local election.

In the Glossop Chronicle of 11 June 2009, Cllr Dowson shares the following heartwarming story:

"Like many people I have watched the ongoing saga of the exposure regarding MPs' expenses with amazement, disgust and a growing anger.

"They expect to be allowed to get away with it by simply repaying the amounts that they claimed, a process that would not be acceptable for the rest of us..."
'Like many people' indeed. Like many people who do not know this particular politician and who would take his statements at face value. But there is a history of facts concerning Cllr Dowson, helpful in assessing where reality ends and Lanceworld takes over.

For example, let us examine the events of 11 July 2006. On that day Cllr Dowson went into the town hall in New Mills. This was when it was under Labour Party control and had been for many years. Cllr Dowson's personal friend - Labour's Ian Huddlestone - was claiming to be 'Leader' there.  This is in spite of the fact that no such position exists in town and parish council law.
On 11 July 2006 Labour Cllr Dowson cleaned out the chairman and mayor's expenses allowance fund. The town clerk obtained a receipt from Cllr Dowson for the money. A copy of this document has been obtained under Freedom of Information legislation.

Move on a few months. Remembrance Sunday, 12 November 2006. For countless years, New Mills mayors have laid a wreath, paid for from the mayor's allowance. This year, panic. No money in the fund for a wreath, the account has been cleaned out by Labour Councillor Dowson. Some other taxpayers' money was found, from a different account, to cover up.

In a statement to the police* Lancelot Edgar Dowson said: 'I repaid the money to the town council on 6 December 2006'.

* made on 31 July 2008