30 April 2009

Gimme Shelter. Or the lesser-known 'Don't Gimme Shelter'

You wouldn’t think that plonking down an ultra-modern plastic and metal 'Youth Shelter' in the middle of a conservation area, in the Green Belt, and within the grounds of a sensitive Grade 2 listed building would be at all controversial would you?

No. Neither would the local Labour Party in New Mills, who decided to put one there.

If they had got their way, the new Youth Shelter, presumably including the 'youths' indicated by the name, would by now have taken pride of place in the grounds of local High Lea Hall.

High Peak Transparency can reveal that the laws protecting the environment, including the local Green Belt, were to be flouted by New Mills Labour. Conservation Area walls were to be knocked down and structures unlawfully altered to accommodate their new youth shelter scheme in this most inappropriate of places. And the legal protection given to the setting by its Grade 2 Listing might as well not have existed.

No application for planning permission was to be bothered with by the then Labour-run town council in New Mills.

But let a householder even think of changing some part of their private home and the council are down on them like a ton of bricks.